“Heal the World” Initiative

In plight of current affairs that is creating shockwaves of panic across the globe, we believe that there has never been a more appropriate time to unite design communities and amplify on what we do best.

We are calling for all creative people to submit designs and artworks — whether it be in the form of informative public service announcements (PSA) or abstract expressions — the goal is to alert, inform and inspire others to combat against unprecedented global challenges with visual communications.

The Initiative Explained

How are we going to use your submissions?

Our goal is to spread them as far and as wide as possible. Every eyeball matters — even though the world may not see immediate improvements as a result — we believe this is a small step towards inspiring more people to care for themselves and others in today’s society of diminishing boundaries and disappearing borders.

Where exactly will I see my submission?

• A variety of social medias, websites, blogs and other media outlets.

• Selected artworks will make into a dedicated publication.

• Selected artworks will be made into posters/flyers distributing to schools and community centres.

• While there is no plan to host exhibitions in the near future — we do not oppose the idea at a later date.

How will I be credited?

• Credits are given with every usage of your artwork — whether it be for print publication, social medias, posters, flyers and/or exhibitions.

• Humanitarian aspect aside, we hope the initiative can also generate PR benefits for everyone involved.

Let’s make the world a better place!

Flex your creative muscle today — let’s heal the world with visual communications.

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